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Child Safe Blinds from MJ Blinds

Here at MJ Blinds, child safety is paramount. This is why we offer a number of options - most of them for absolutely no extra cost to you - to make your window blinds totally safe for your children & pets!

We whole-heartedly endorse child safe products and therefore instruct all of our consultants to perform a free survey of your current blinds to see if any improvements can be made for you.

All of our blinds are available with options to remove all continuous loops ,or as a bare minimum to put them out of arms way. Your consultant will take you through your choices when we visit you to survey your windows. You can find more information about our child safety measures on our product pages.

Make existing Blinds SAFE



The simplest method of eliminating cords. The cleat is attached to the wall near the operating side of the blind. When the blind isn't being operated, simply loop the cord around the cleat to stop it hanging freely.

Cord Tidy

cord tidy

The cord tidy works in a similar manner to the cleat. However, the cords or chains are permanently held between the device's walls so that they never dangle freely. The blind's general operation is unhindered by this device as it allows the cord to run through it freely.

Chain Connector


The chain connector is mainly for use with roller blinds. It is designed to connect the two halves of the roller blind operating chain together for everyday use, but also it will snap under any undue pressure. This means that the two halves will separate, leaving two single cords and avoiding any accidents.


Buying New Blinds? Consider 100% Child Safe Cordless Blinds

The easiest way to truly reduce any form of risk, is eliminate it completely. A range of products has been introduced which switches the looped cords of old, for cordless operation.


Senses Roller Blinds have been designed with safety in mind. The 'Slow-Rise' system is easy to operate, and needs no chain or looped cord at all.


Perfect Fit Blinds are all operated by moving the bottom bar of the blind, this eliminates the looped cords. The side of the frames conceals the guide wires completely too, making this a complete child safe option.


The monowand system combines the two primary controls of a standard Vertical Blind, the tilt and draw, into one handy, child-safe operation.


The Spring Roller is fairly similar to the standard Roller Blinds. The only exception is the looped cord that a standard Roller uses to operate, is replaced with a cordless spring loaded raising mechanism.


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