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Energy Saving Fabrics

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Can Window Blinds really save you money?

Believe it or not the answer is YES - Window blinds can help save money!

Many of our fabrics have special coatings on the reverse side (facing out). These have various qualities which have a dual purpose.

They help to reflect sunlight and heat outwards during the warm summer months - helping to stop your conservatory from feeling like a sauna and this has the same effect of trapping heat in during the cooler winter months - which helps to stop your conservatory feeling like a fridge!

When your consultant comes to show you the huge selection of fabric choice - ask them about SPF, SPC, ESP & ASC fabrics - all available with a large colour palette and style choice.

Save up to 15% on your heating bills

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Based on the latest industry figure - installing perfect fit blinds to your windows can save you as much as 15% off your heating bills.

One of our principle suppliers has graded their fabrics on 3 levels of energy efficiency. Their studies show that as much as 15% can be saved from your heating bills by using ER3 fabrics in Perfect Fit frames on your household windows.

The reason it works so well is that the perfect fit frame holds the fabric in place much closer to the actual window pane than would have been the case in the past - the specially coated fabric then acts as an additional barrier against heat loss.


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